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Hoarding for Humanity implements the following process ...

  • Immediate consultation with the involved engineers and construction managers to provide an accurate estimate per square foot and a custom plan for hoarding
  • Prompt and efficient service to construct hoarding
  • Quick and easy signing of contracts and drawings to authorize permission to complete hoarding
  • Application of eco-friendly paint (durable, virtually odourless, contains zero VOC's)
  • Mounting of advertisement and information about the eco-friendly initiative on the doors of the hoarding.
  • Advertisement to be supplied by Hoarding for Humanity and to include logos for Hoarding for Humanity, Habitat for Humanity Canada and The Client
  • Guarantee to bring all materials back to base building standards and repair any damage caused by the installation or removal process
  • All materials are stored and inventoried by Hoarding for Humanity.
  • Pick-up and resale by Humanity Canada ReStores to raise funds for building projects *
  • Charitable donation tax receipts issued yearly once hoarding materials are sold * *

* We acknowledge that due to the nature of some construction sites, some materials may not be of resale quality. Hoarding for Humanity however, guarantees that 85 to 100% of the involved materials will meet resale standards.

* * Tax receipts are issued once per year; 1) Hoarding materials must be sold for $100 or more to qualify for a charitable receipt; 2) Final prices of materials are determined by Habitat for Humanity Canada.